Making it REAL 2013–2015

Making It REAL 2013–2015

Thanks to funding from the Department for Education National Prospectus Grant, The Early Childhood Unit (ECU) at the National Children’s Bureau has extended REAL project work to eight local authorities.

Local authority lead officers brought together a group of 8-10 schools, children’s centres, nurseries and childminders to create REAL networks in Oldham, Sheffield, Blackpool, Peterborough, South Tyneside, Luton, Sandwell, and the London Borough of Haringey.

Up to four members of staff in each setting attended two development days led by ECU and now work with a group of children and parents on REAL projects, visiting children at home and opening up literacy events to more families. Teams have worked very successfully with children aged 2-5 years.

Click here to access the Evaluation of Year 1.

Some settings are also exploring using ORIM to support early mathematics and information on this project can be found at Making Maths REAL.