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ORIM Network Day 2018

The national ORIM network day took place at The University of Sheffield on 24h May 2018 and was attended by 35 colleagues working with REAL and ORIM across the country.



We learned about developments in 12 initiatives  as we shared ideas and colleagues made connections who were doing similar work. Once again, our  collaborations were affirmed as we learned more about the positive impact that using the ORIM Framework and REAL Approaches are having  on learning for children and their families.


One colleague said, “I come every year and each year there’s more to learn – ORIM just grows and grows – it’s fantastic to see what everyone is doing around the country – and  it makes me realise – I’m part of something big!

Picture3Professor Cathy Nutbrown spoke about the ways in which ORIM is being used in different ways, adapted to the needs and interests of different communities. A new film The ORIM Arts Framework, was shown and the ORIM resource pack was launched with presentations from many colleagues who were working on the projects featured in the pack. Thank you to all who attended and shared their work.  See you next year!

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An invitation from Professor Cathy Nutbrown to attend the ORIM Network Day
on May 22nd 2019 at the ICOSS building, The University of Sheffield.

Our annual network meeting will focus on how the ORIM framework has been
effectively developed over time to support many early literacy initiatives. Key
speakers are:

  • Dr Sally Smith, CEO, Peeple , Oxford
  • Saeeda Norris, PPEL Manager, Sandwell MBC

Please contact Kay Davies at:


The ORIM Arts Framework film

Our ORIM Arts film highlights the importance of working with young children and their families around aspect of the arts.

One example of using ORIM and the Arts is Making it REAL Creative, an innovative collaboration between NCB; The University of Sheffield; East Sussex County Council; Artswork; and the Department for Education.

Making it REAL Creativeuses the ORIM-Arts Framework and paired 4 artists from the Hastings area with 8 early years settings.

Running until September 2018, Making it REAL Creative worked directly with 100 children and reached many more indirectly through events.

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